Piers Morgan walks off 'GMB' to confront Leonardo DiCaprio

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid’s hotly awaited live Oscar segment on Good Morning Britain did not disappoint. From Mark Ronson crashing an interview with Elliott Gould to Mel B insulting Queen’s Roger Taylor, the hilariously awkward moments kept on coming.

But perhaps the highlight was seeing Piers Morgan walk off in a huff after Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly snubbed the GMB and former CNN presenter.

Morgan said his friend and golf buddy Vinnie Jones, had asked Leonardo DiCaprio at the infamous celeb haunt The Polo Lounge if DiCaprio would join Morgan for a chat on Good Morning Britain’s live Oscars special.

Jones claimed Oscar winner DiCaprio retorted: “Piers who?”

“Piers who?’. Are you serious? You’ve made that up,” a stunned Morgan said.

The furious presenter then told Reid that last year the Titanic star had said “Hi Piers” to him and he was thus dumbfounded and why he would blank him this time around.

“I’m actually going to have it out with DiCaprio,” declared Morgan.

“The last time I met DiCaprio, he went, ‘Hi Piers’, so someone’s not telling the truth here.”

Reid encouraged him to go and talk to the star over the embarrassing snub.

“I’ll be back when I’ve had a chat with Leo!” he told the cameras.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid hosting live from the 92nd Academy Awards. (ITV)
Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid hosting live from the 92nd Academy Awards. (ITV)

He then stormed off the makeshift GMB set in Los Angeles in search of the A-List actor.

Morgan later reappeared on set, with no word whether he was actually able to speak to DiCaprio.

But he did explain that Jones had just let him know that had actually been joking about the entire affair.

“I just went to confront Leo and just as I was about to do it Vinnie admitted he’d made it up,” Morgan claimed.

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