PigGate: Internet Responds To THAT David Cameron Story In Hilarious Fashion

Just when all the attention was on new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, along comes a Daily Mail front page about David Cameron that shifted focus in an instant.

The allegations, made by the Prime Minister’s former pal Lord Ashcroft in a new book, suggest that a young Cameron once placed a private part of his body into a dead pig’s mouth.

There was no way Twitter was going to let that story get away and, sure enough, the hashtag ‘piggate’ quickly became the top trend - and the puns were flying everywhere…

The memes soon got going as well:

It’s not just puns and memes, though - this is a matter of national security:

This is the PM’s Bill Clinton moment:

The new leader of the Lib Dems showed that Coalition is well and truly over:

As did a former leader:

And a former Deputy Prime Minister wasn’t going to let it slide, either:

Some have suggested this is all Ed Miliband’s revenge after his own pork-based moment in the spotlight:

Writer and broadcaster Charlie Brooker wrote an episode of Black Mirror that featured a very similar storyline, so he is totally freaked out about the allegations:

And this story from a few years ago soon started getting attention, though we have no idea why…