Pink says she's 'saddened' by media focus on her former feud with Christina Aguilera: 'Art can never be the focus when you’re a woman'

Pink is
Pink is "saddened and disappointed" by the media coverage of her new album and its fixation on her past clashes with Christina Aguilera. (Photo: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)

Pink is back with a new album, Trustfall — but says she's "saddened and disappointed by the narrative" that's dominated its press coverage. The singer appeared to be alluding to questions about her and Christina Aguilera reportedly clashing while recording the 2001 hit "Lady Marmalade," which also featured Mya and Lil Kim.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, the "What About Us" singer, 43, shared her frustrations about how media coverage of her new music seemed to be more focused on reigniting her alleged feud with Aguilera, 42. Recent headlines have discussed Aguilera being chosen to sing the Linda Perry ballad "Beautiful" — though Pink praised the performance — and the pop stars arguing while shooting the "Lady Marmalade" music video. In her post, Pink admitted that her candor about her experience working with Aguilera was partly to blame. But she also called out sexist attitudes about how female celebrities are treated.

"While some of the responsibility lays with me and my inability to lie, and my uncanny ability to overshare," she wrote, alongside a selfie with her son, Jameson. "My real disappointment lies in the fact that the art can never be the focus when you’re a woman. The fact that I created one of the most beautiful albums with the most beautiful people — sang my ass off, made myself wholly vulnerable."

She added, "11 albums in, selling out stadiums, raising good kids, steadily employing hundreds of good, hardworking people, the only thing they ask you about over and over is a silly feud from your 20s.

"I take responsibility also," she continued, noting the quotes she's given about Aguilera. "I’m out of practice dodging the bull**** that gets thrown at us hardworking women. I’m notorious for saying too much. But I’ve never lied. And for every one or two women I’ve had issue with, there are hundreds that I’ve complimented and supported and loved on. But we don’t talk about that."

By contrast, the pop star (whose real name is Alecia Moore) added, male celebrities get a pass when it comes to conflict. She referenced actors including Christian Bale, who made headlines in 2009 following an outburst on the set of Terminator Salvation.

"I wonder when the last time Bradley Cooper or Robert De Niro were asked in interview after interview about any argument they’d ever had," she wrote. "How about Christian Bale? We stick to the art with them, don’t we? I’d like to have the same opportunity."

"I also believe in authentic apology and owning your mistakes," she continued. "I should say less. Every time. Say less. Something I’m working on. This was a good reminder. My wish is to share the pains and the celebrations of this messy life through music and on stage. And I’ve accomplished that, incredibly and consistently."

She ended her post with a note to Aguilera, writing, "To Christina — you know where we stand. Resolved. Onwards and upwards. And thank you all for listening — and for the 25 years of kick ass love and support."

Pink (with Aguilera and Mya at the 2002 Grammys) is clearing the air about her alleged feud and how it's been covered in the media. (Photo: Reuters)
Pink (with Aguilera and Mya at the 2002 Grammys) is clearing the air about her alleged feud and how it's been covered in the media. (Photo: Reuters)

The "Cover Me in Sunshine" singer's post drew a lot of positive feedback, with Busy Philipps among those leaving supportive comments.

"Honey they’re always ready to reduce women to clickbait," the actress wrote. "You are and have always been so much more than that — as an artist and human — you’re incredibly powerful. Please keep sharing as much as you do. It’s refreshing and interesting and truly — f*** this misogynistic culture for making you think you need to say less."

Pink's post comes after her Twitter response last week to claims she was "shading" Aguilera after discussing working on "Lady Marmalade."

"If you don't know by now — I'm not 'shading' someone by telling it over and over and over what actually happened," she shot back. "I'm zero percent interested in your f***ing drama. If you haven't noticed — I'm a little busy selling ... And by selling, I mean tickets and albums and bake sales and s***."