Pink left speechless after inviting 12-year-old to sing at concert

Pink was left speechless at her Vancouver show, after inviting 12-year-old Victoria Anthony to take the mic and belt out a rendition of "Perfect".

Anthony had launched a social media campaign in the weeks leading up to the 12 May concert with the hashtag #VicAndPink, hoping to achieve her dream of joining the musician on stage for a song.

"I'm 12 years old and, when you come here, I really want to sing at your concert," she addressed to Pink in a video posted to Twitter. "And I promise, I'll be ready."

She then shared footage of her performing Pink's lead single from her last album Beautiful Trauma, "What About Us", including at her school talent show.

The campaign gained traction after being picked up by Canadian news outlets, with even musician Sarah McLachlan making a plea to Pink.

Though Anthony wasn't invited on stage to perform, Pink picked her out of the crowd at the Rogers Arena, seemingly recognising who she was.

"Are you who I read about on the news?" she asked. "Do you want to come sing something?" Anthony then performed Pink's "Perfect" in front of the crowd of thousands, with the artist left speechless by her talent.

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