Pink responds to ‘hateful’ post comparing her to Suzy Izzard

Pink and Suzy Izzard
Pink his back at hater using Suzy Izzard's image. (Image: WikiCommons and Sky)

Pop star Pink has hit back at an online troll who compared her to activist and comedian Suzy Izzard.

Pink said that she showed the post to her daughter to teach her about online hate.

The post was seemingly an attempt to joke about her appearance.

Izzard, who is gender fluid and goes by she/her pronouns, announced earlier this year she will use the name Suzy as well as Eddie.

“I just showed my 12-year-old daughter your post,” Pink wrote on Tuesday (12 September).

“I explained to her that I’ve never met you, I don’t know you and I have no idea why you would go out of your way to be hateful.

“It was a good lesson in ignorance. Thank you. I still don’t know you. Congrats. You’re no one.”

In a follow-up, the ‘So What’ hitmaker noted the post was a “wasted opportunity” to try and insult her.

“MOST IMPORTANTLY – what a wasted opportunity here. There are so many pictures you could’ve chosen that were actually me that were worse than this picture, you nameless f**ko.”

“At least be creative next time dum dum,” the 44-year-old popstar also wrote.

She continued in a final post: “I post these things to show the kids I know- my own kids as well, that we are all occasionally treated badly.

“I show them because they know me, and they know that my self-esteem does [n]ot rely on the opinions of others.”

“Good/bad. Whatever. I love [m]e. Now I shall [s]leep really really [w]ell.”

The 61-year-old comedian shared she would go by Suzy in March.

She said: “There’s another name I’m going to add in as well, which is Suzy, which I wanted to be since I was 10.

“So I’m going to be Suzy Eddie Izzard, that’s how I’m going to roll, so people can choose what they want. They can’t make a mistake, they can’t go wrong.”

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