PIP claimants issued three-month warning by DWP ahead of major changes

PIP can provide up to £184 per week to cover costs associated with certain conditions
PIP can provide up to £184 per week to cover costs associated with certain conditions -Credit:Getty Images

A three month warning has been issued to people claiming Personal Independence Payments from the Department of Work and Pensions.

Significant changes to benefits allocations are part of an effort to reduce PIP expenditure. Currently, over three million people receive these support payments, intended to assist those with conditions that necessitate help with daily tasks or mobility.

However, under the new proposals, some could see their funds withdrawn. The Government also suggests that some PIP recipients might benefit more from enhanced access to treatment rather than weekly cash payments.

PIP can provide up to £184 per week to cover costs associated with certain conditions. This announcement marks the latest move in the Government's crackdown on the welfare system, following closely behind plans to make it more difficult for workers to take sick leave.


A 12-week public consultation on the proposals will soon be launched, with the public being urged to share their views, reports the Mirror. The UK Government may bring about substantial alterations to the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) scheme following a consultation period that concluded in July, hinting at a potential move away from direct cash payments. A Government spokesperson said: "We are also considering whether some people receiving PIP who have lower, or no extra costs, may have better outcomes from improved access to treatment and support than from a cash payment."

Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister, has voiced criticism of the existing disability benefits structure, stating: "It's clear that our disability benefits system isn't working in the way it was intended, and we're determined to reform it to ensure it's sustainable for the future, so we can continue delivering support to those who genuinely need it most."

Further detailing the motivation behind the proposed changes, Mr Sunak said: "(The plan) marks the next chapter of our welfare reforms and is part of our plan to make the benefits system fairer to the taxpayer, better targeted to individual needs and harder to exploit by those who are trying to game the system."