Pitch perfect: UK’s first advert for dogs to screen

The idea of a television advert specifically created for dogs may seem barking mad but that is exactly what UK viewers will see tonight. 

The Bakers dog food advert, which will screen on ITV1, contains frequencies which only canines can hear. It is a minute long parody of The Italian Job that will hit UK screens at peak primetime, airing at 7.15pm during Emmerdale- a soap which pulls in 7 million human viewers.

The advert shows a number of dogs making a daring plan to steal a van full of Bakers products, almost running the vehicle off a cliff.  A number of whistles and barks throughout the chase are said to alert any canines watching at home.

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The advert was tested on 12 dogs, all of whom exhibited signs of recognition to the noises of above 17,000 Hertz. Bakers hope that the advert will see dogs across the country perk up, making owners think they are interested in the product. 

“High pitch frequencies cannot be heard by the vast majority of humans, yet appeal to dogs as their hearing is twice as sharp,” said Zara Boland, an animal expert who advised Bakers.

"Our canine experts have created an advert interspersed with sounds including bells, barks and whistles - which dogs love - and high frequency noises that only they should hear."

Bakers brand manager Mark Zaki said: "We are always looking for new ways to deliver an engaging experience for our consumers. With these special sounds we hope this delivers enjoyment for both dogs and their owners."