A Place in the Sun buyers dealt devastating blow before credits roll

Paul and Maria were gutted
Paul and Maria were gutted -Credit:Channel 4

Two potential buyers on A Place in the Sun were dealt a crushing blow before the latest instalment came to a close on Monday.

As viewers will know, each episode sees one of a number of property experts in an exotic location where they are on hand to help potential buyers find their perfect property. Today Craig Rowe was in Andalucia with Maria and Paul who were looking for a bolthole to escape the UK winters.

Armed with a maximum budget of £300,000 they wanted somewhere with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a pool and a garden.

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Craig had five homes lined up for them to view and things got off to a fantastic start. Property number one was a rural house with a pool, plenty of lush fruit trees, and a wrap-around terrace, as well as five bedrooms.

It was on the market for just under £285,000, and Paul said he would struggle to pick anything he didn't like about it. Maria said she was also a fan, but added that it was maybe a bit too rural.

Up next was a house with its own pool, terrace, outdoor kitchen, and spacious driveway. Priced at £294,643, it also had three bedrooms.

While Maria and Paul liked some aspects of the home, the spiral staircase and the lack of windows in the main bedroom both meant it was ruled out of being a contender. Thankfully Craig's third offering wowed the couple, with its impressive pool and fantastic views, and when it came to making a decision Maria and Paul confirmed it was definitely their favourite.

The finca, a traditional rural Spanish property, was on the market for just over £303,000. Maria and Paul loved it so much they said they'd be willing to stretch their budget, and put in a starting offer of £295,000.

Craig said he never would have shown them the home if he had known
Craig said he never would have shown them the home if he had known -Credit:Channel 4

Unfortunately Craig then had to deliver some bad news. Not only had their price been rejected, it turned out the vendors had decided they wanted much more than their original asking price.

Craig said: "Obviously that is hugely disappointing because we were led to believe that the originally asking price we were told would be honoured." The counter offer he then had to tell Maria and Paul was a huge £339,000.

Craig told them: "You heard my disappointment and had I known the case I wouldn't have taken you there in the first place. I can go back with a counter offer whatever that may be." A sad Paul said: "I think they know what they want, we are not going to get that finca" and Maria added: "They got our hopes up with that finca and we were willing to pay the asking price".

Fans watching at home shared their sympathies on X, formerly Twitter, as Caroline said: "That’s horrible for them. What a shame". Ange said: "Oh dear" and Albi said: "Hugely disappointing news".

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4 and All 4

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