A Place in The Sun's Laura Hamilton's 'clarification' to fans concerned by 'feature' in luxury house

Laura Hamilton
Laura Hamilton issued a clarification to fans after she spotted a problem with her video on social media of a luxury property set to be featured on A Place in The Sun -Credit:Laura Hamilton Instagram

A Place in The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton issued a 'clarification' about a luxury house set to appear on the programme after it appeared to have a 'weird feature'. The Channel 4 presenter was giving fans of the show a sneak peek behind the scenes of the property with a stunning pool and lots of mod cons.

But in the video uploaded to her Instagram Stories, the lighting appeared to be flicking on and off constantly. Laura issued a further message to fans, telling them in another video: "I just wanted to clarify in my stories, my luxury property that I've just left doesn't have strobing lights.

"That's how LED lights, how they react with the camera. So on my phone it looks like there's a disco going on in the lucury house and there isn't. It's just the way the lighting is affected on the camera. So for anyone thinking what was going on with that lighting, that's what that's all about."

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Elsewhere, Laura revealed she had also had a 'crazy' experience while filming in Spain. She revealed she had bumped into two house hunters who she previously helped to buy a house all the way over in Florida on the Channel 4 show.

She wrote: "What are the chances of bumping in to house hunters I filmed with in Florida back in 2016 who bought there but are now living in Spain!!!" Laura explained in a video to fans: "I just bumped into two house hunters that I filmed with back in 2016 which is crazy.

"They bought in Florida on the show all those years ago and they ended up selling that property last year and now live between Portugal and Spain. They basically sold the Florida place, which they loved, because it was just a bit further away for them to get to and they wanted to be close to the UK."