A Place in the Sun's Lucy Alexander breaks down in tears with potential buyer

Lucy Alexander previously fronted BBC's Homes Under The Hammer
Lucy Alexander had an emotional moment on A Place in the Sun -Credit:(Image: BBC)

A Place In The Sun's Lucy Alexander was visibly moved to tears during a recent episode, which also saw the buyer breaking down. Lucy Alexander, who is also well-known for her previous role on Homes Under The Hammer, has recently landed her ideal position on Channel 4's A Place In The Sun.

The mother of two has recounted an emotional, yet-to-be-broadcast scene from the show that touched both her and the house hunter. "I was with a beautiful family and they were looking for somewhere [abroad]," she said. "They had a granddaughter that used a wheelchair like my own daughter."

Lucy went on to describe how one of the buyers was struck by the realisation that the property they were viewing could be just right. "And there was a moment when one of the buyers realised, you know, this [property] could work. And this could be an exciting prospect, for his granddaughter, and he was overcome with emotion."

The TV presenter, who herself is a parent to a child who uses a wheelchair due to Transverse Myelitis, found a property that could accommodate a wheelchair user, which brought both her and the buyer to tears, reports the Express.

Lucy empathised deeply with the buyer's situation, as she always considers accessibility for her daughter Kitty. "I completely knew where he was coming from because, obviously, I always have to look at accessibility, ramps and level access," she shared.

"It was a really good interview because I completely understood what he needed and what he wanted." The emotional connection led to a poignant moment between them. "I was good for that. So we had a little cry.

"I don't think that show has come out yet. It's not been aired. But it was a lovely moment on the programme."

The Channel 4 star confessed that it's quite common for her and the buyers to become emotional when they secure their dream property abroad. She continued: "When the [buyers] do actually buy and I do find them the house of their dreams, they really do cry and I actually do cry with them because it's a lovely moment."

Her remarks follow recent statistics from property lender Together, revealing that there are currently 1.55 million abandoned and derelict properties in England and Wales.

Together has launched the Hidden Gems campaign to revitalise these neglected buildings, and Lucy has joined the initiative to help rejuvenate empty homes across the UK.