The places it will be hottest in the UK on warmest weekend of the year

The UK weather maps for Friday and Saturday
The UK weather maps for Friday and Saturday

There will be sunshine and warm conditions across the UK with temperatures set to reach 20°C, making it warmer than Croatia. The temperature change comes days after the UK was battered by Storm Kathleen and the remnants of Storm Pierrick.

Met Office forecasts show highs of 20C on Thursday in London, making it higher than Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia where the forecast is 17°C. East Anglia, East Midlands and Greater London will experience the best of the weather on Friday and Saturday, say the Met Office.

Norwich and Ipswich will see highs of 19°C , while Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Sheffield and eastern parts of Wales should expect 18°C

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Met Office forecaster Annie Shuttleworth said: "Thursday is going to be a much drier and brighter day for most areas of the UK. By Thursday morning the rain band will set across the south coast where it tends to create the sort of waving features which will keep it across the south through much of Thursday.

"Further north though it will turn much clearer and drier." She added: "Quite a dry and bright start as well particularly across the north and east, best of the sunshine will be through the middle part of the morning.

"I think as the afternoon progresses the sunshine will turn that much hazier as this band of rain starts to return from the south and west and actually across the south west of England, south west of Wales as well, likely to stay quite dull, possibly a bit drizzly through much of the day.

"So it's going to be a bit cooler here compared to elsewhere but I think wherever you are you will definitely notice the humidity as it will start to be a little bit muggy. Highs of 20Cs are possible across parts of the south east but actually even up towards the north coast of Scotland we could see highs of about 17C or 18C."

Friday sees cloud breaking through the morning to leave plenty of sunny spells for the afternoon. It will feel warm in the sunshine, though breezy at times, the weather service adds.

The Met Office outlook for the weekend currently reads: "Largely dry on Saturday with hazy sunshine at times. Sunny spells and occasional showers on Sunday. Showers becoming more widespread and heavier on Monday, with temperatures returning to average. Breezy."

"The UK will receive a brief period of milder weather, leading to some warm spells of sunshine and mild nights, before temperatures return to average for the new working week"

There is some better news on the horizon, in the Met Office long range forecast for the end of April into May.

it says: "Through the latter part of April, high pressure will probably be close to the UK with a good deal of dry weather for many areas. Over time these settled conditions will probably move northwards, with the driest weather across the northwest of the UK as we move into May. Temperatures will probably rise above average overall, with warm days but some colder nights."