Plague of rats 'the size of small dogs’ chewing through car cables as they take over English town

Andy Wells
·Freelance Writer

An invasion of giant rats are causing havoc in an English town, chewing through car cables and running amok in the streets, according to one resident.

Kaylee Kennedy claims a rat the size of a small dog ran up her son’s leg and are invading the area around her home.

The 28-year-old claims they have chewed through the wires of her car and caused her to run out of gas as she’s too terrified to go outside to top up her meter.

<em>Mum Kaylee Kennedy claims the rats have taken over neighbourhood (SWNS)</em>
Mum Kaylee Kennedy claims the rats have taken over neighbourhood (SWNS)

Kaylee said: ‘The rats are huge, they are massive.

‘If you go out in flip flops, the rats run right across your feet. It is horrible.

‘I broke down on the M1 and had to call the AA when they lifted the bonnet they found the rats had chewed through my car cables.


‘The AA said it could only be rats.’

Kaylee, of Milton Keynes, Bucks., first spotted the rodents last month and says they are becoming fearless of people.

She said: ‘One rat also ran up my 21 month old son’s leg.

<em>Kaylee said one rat was the size of a small dog (SWNS)</em>
Kaylee said one rat was the size of a small dog (SWNS)

‘The rat was stuck and couldn’t get anywhere so the alternative was to run up someone.

‘The rats are not scared they are getting so used to us, they just run past you.’

Milton Keynes Council no longer has an in-house pest control service, instead using private contractors DialAPest, part of SDK Environmental Ltd.

They charge £39.50 for rat control, while people on benefits or qualifying for concessions pay a lower rate of £19.75.

<em>The rats have been reported in Milton Keynes (Wikipedia)</em>
The rats have been reported in Milton Keynes (Wikipedia)

A council spokesman said: ‘Council tenants should contact the Housing Team for advice about pest control in a council property.

‘Vermin and other animals are attracted by food waste which is why we urge all residents to put their food waste into the green wheelie bin rather than into black sacks which can be ripped open by animals.

‘Rubbish and recycling should not be placed out for collection too early either – the right time to put out waste is before 7am on the usual collection day or after 5pm the day before.’