Plane Crashes in Neighborhood East of San Diego

An aircraft crashed on the night of Monday, December 27, in a neighborhood of El Cajon, California.

The crash was reported near Pepper Drive and North 2nd Street. Authorities were shutting down roads in the area, according to the San Diego Sheriff’s Office.

The Federal Aviation Administration were investigating the incident.

This footage, filmed by Haley Diedrich, shows the crash site. Large plumes of smoke emanated from the wreckage as emergency crews attended the scene.

“It flew over our house and it sounded like it was about to hit us, I’ve never heard a plane sound that loud we knew something wasn’t right so we ran outside and saw the whole thing happen. The sky instantly became bright orange and smoke everywhere, I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Diedrich told Storyful. Credit: Haley Diedrich via Storyful

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