Plane engine spits flames immediately after take-off

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Philippine Airlines got its youngest ever customer: Getty Images

A plane had to make an emergency landing when it started spitting flames from its engine shortly after take-off.

One onlooker captured the moment that the Philippine Airlines jet started spewing flames and black smoke from the right-hand plane engine.

Philippine Airlines flight 113 suffered engine failure after taking off from Los Angeles International Airport at 11.38am local time on Thursday 21 November.

The flight was aborted before returning safely to the airport 30 minutes later, according to flight tracking site Flight Aware.

Onlooker Andrew Blake Eames posted footage of the plane on Twitter, adding: "Is a plane supposed to spew flames?"

Mr Eames at first thought it was an American Airlines flight that had suffered engine failure. However, it was later revealed to be a Philippine Airlines jet en route to Manila.

Aviation journalist Tom Podolec said flight PR113 suffered engine failure and returned to LAX safely.

It's not the first time a plane has suffered engine failure shortly after take-off.

In October, a passenger plane bound for China had to abort its journey when flames started spitting from the engine shortly after take-off from Washington DC.

Air China flight 818 was flying from Washington Dulles Airport in the American capital to Beijing on 17 September when the drama unfolded.

Video of the Boeing 777 aircraft shows flames blasting from the engine as it gains height.

Also in October, an Ethiopian Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after take-off when the engine caught fire.

The jet had just taken off from Dakar, Senegal, for Bamako in Mali when the pilot realised one of the plane engines was ablaze.

The Boeing 767 then returned immediately to Dakar.

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