Plane forced to land after huge bird flies into it and gets lodged in the nose

This is the undignified end one poor bird suffered after flying into an aeroplane and becoming embedded in its nose.

The Cessna 650 jet was forced to land after the bird collided with it.

It struck the aircraft as it flew near Caracas-Simón Bolívar International Airport in Venezuela.

Unsurprisingly, the bird died on impact.

From these pictures, posted on Twitter by notisar1, you can see the bird’s wings and talons poking out.

It may have been a bird of prey (Twitter/notisar1)

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The pilot was able to land safely yesterday with no reported injuries to those inside, reports The Metro.

It’s unclear what species of bird hit the plane, but it appears it may be a large bird of prey.

Aviation Safety Net confirmed on Twitter: “Cessna 650 suffers bird strike near Caracas Airport, Venezuela”

Although bird strikes are not uncommon, this one is particularly gruesome.

Planes are often diverted after being struck by birds. In April, for example, a RyanAir flight had to turn back after a bird hit the plane’s engine.

In 2009, after a “double bird strike” involving Canada geese, Captain Chelsey Sullenberger was forced to make an emergency landing on the Hudson river in New York.

Bird strikes tend to occur when planes are flying low — at or below 10,000 feet — usually during take-offs or landing.