Plans thrown out for 'intrusive' grey unit with advertising screen in Coventry centre

What the screen by Coventry Market would have looked like
What the screen by Coventry Market would have looked like -Credit:JCDecaux

Plans for a big grey hub in Coventry centre have been rejected after being called "intrusive." The unit with a huge advertising screen, direct emergency service line and charging point was rejected by the city council yesterday, May 7.

It was one of six bids for 2.6 metre high communications hubs in the city centre by In Focus Networks Ltd. This unit was set to go near Coventry Market, and would have also had a touch screen, solar panels and a defibrillator cabinet.

But council officers said it would be near at least four other similar screens which would make the space overcrowded. An officer described the unit as a "very intrusive feature" in their report on the plans.


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They said it would be out of keeping with views of the street. The officer also pointed out that the area is due to be redeveloped for the City Centre South project - with work to start "in the coming months."

West Midlands Police also raised fears the large flat surface could be a "target for graffiti." Officials say the plans were ultimately rejected because the unit would be out of place in the street scene.

What the new "communications hubs" would look like
What the new "communications hubs" would look like -Credit:JC Decaux

A decision notice said it would result in "unnecessary visual clutter" that would harm the look of the area.

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