Plans to turn Edinburgh car park into 'shipping container complex' with ghost kitchens

A proposal to build 35 ghost kitchens in shipping container complex have been submitted to Edinburgh City Council.

The plans would look to redevelop a car park/storage site into commercial food preparations at Stenhouse Mill Wynd, just off of Gorgie Road.

Agent Format Design have submitted the project for consideration on behalf of their client and have created a detailed document that lays out their plans for the site.

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On what the site will comprise of, they said: "The units within the proposal will be adapted containerised shipping units, linked and with a centralised dispatch unit. There will be a centralised toilet facility, and centralised waste management.

"The units are stacked, so it is double height. There are 28 standard sized units (26 kitchens) and 10 double length units (9 kitchens). The toilet block is a double width unit.

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"The central dispatch office is a double length unit. There are two standard units above the toilet block, and one double unit above the central dispatch unit.

"A one way system will operate around the site. There will be cycle parking, motorcycle parking and car parking, with at least two vehicle charging points.

"In the centre, between the two legs of units, the courtyard will be a timber deck. Kitchens will operate on LPG and tanks are located to the south east corner. "

Those behind the plans say that the Ghost kitchens primary focus will be to deliver to restaurants and food outlets in the Edinburgh area as well as to third parties in the capital.

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The kitchen will be commercial and utilised as a 'third-party food delivery service' and it is argued that the collection of single kitchen units will allow for multiple 'brands' or 'businesses' to share cooking space.

To view the plans in full, click here.