‘He played a blinder’: The Traitors finalists on the dramatic final episode

The Traitors  ((Studio Lambert))
The Traitors ((Studio Lambert))

The Traitors has had viewers on the very edge of their seats, right up until the last moment of the finale, which saw Harry deceive Mollie to take home nearly £100,000.

The second series of the hit BBC show has seen Faithfuls being wrongfully banished, as well as Traitor turn on Traitor, and friends deceive friends.

Last night’s finale was no different. Harry banished fellow Traitor Andrew, plus faithfuls Evie and Jaz, to end up in the final two with faithful Mollie and take the money for himself.

So how did it all feel? And was there anything they would have done differently? The Standard caught up with the Traitors finalists to find out how it all went down…

‘You can disassociate emotions with just getting the job done’

When Harry was revealed to be a Traitor, a devastated Mollie left the room crying. They were friends, and Harry convinced Mollie he was a Faithful right up until the last moment.

But some Traitors found it easier to deceive their friends than others, and Harry’s background may have given him an advantage.

Harry cited his military training as the reason he was able to separate the relationship he had with his fellow players from his traitorous behaviour.

He told the Standard: “Being in the army helped me because you work in high, high pressure environments and stuff like that.

“You can disassociate emotions with just getting the job done, for example. So you don't get too emotionally attached.”

He added: “I feel like me as a person, I can just switch off emotions, because instead of worrying about things, I'll just not think about it at all.”

‘She went with their heart rather than her head’

Mollie, however, struggled with this aspect of the game, saying: “That was probably what I found the hardest if I'm completely honest. And yeah, I think that that was definitely like a bad point for me, I couldn't really separate the two. And I think that's what obviously led to the final decision.

“But you just become like a little family in there. And it's really, really hard to start turning on people when you have that relationship and friendship in there.”

Jaz, meanwhile, explained what was going on in his head when Mollie fatefully rubbed out Harry’s name and replaced it with his own.

He told the Standard: “To be honest, you know, credit where due, she wrote down Harry's name first. And for me, that speaks volumes that she did trust me, and she wasn't treating it as a popularity contest.

“And it's just a shame. You know, she went with their heart rather than her head.”

‘He just played a blinder’

TV viewers may have been shouting at Mollie through the screen to vote for Harry and split the jackpot with Jaz.

But Evie explained that the experience of watching the show doesn’t compare to being a part of it, admitting that she would have fallen for Harry’s deceit too.

She said: “Harry I was completely blindsided by. I think I was in the majority of people that just didn't expect him at all. He just played such a good game.

“And yeah, I think if it wasn't Molly standing up there, I would have stood up there as well and ended the game with him. He just played a blinder.”

The Traitors (Studio Lambert)
The Traitors (Studio Lambert)

As had happened throughout the game, the final also saw Harry take out a fellow Traitor. But Andrew’s not upset.

He said: “Harry's a top bloke, I thought he deserved it. He played a great game. I have no hard feelings at all. And why would I? He played a better game than me.

“He played a better game than everyone.”

The Traitors season two is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.