Player 456 takes ominous phone call in teaser for Squid Game series two

Player 456 is seen taking an ominous-sounding phone call in a first-look teaser for Squid Game series two.

The character, also known as Seong Gi-hun, tells a voice “I will find you” while outside an airport, wearing the same suit and tie he was in at the end of series one.

Series one of the Korean drama, which became a breakout success after it was released onto Netflix in 2021, sees people who are in dire financial straits sent a mysterious invitation to join a game which could win them 45.6 billion South Korean won (around £27 million).

To win the money, however, the 456 players must engage in traditional children’s games such as Red Light, Green Light, with the price for failure being death.

The first series follows Lee Jung-jae’s character Seong, who is broke and in need of the money the game promises.

After some gruelling challenges, Seong manages to win the game following a final round of chicken against a childhood friend.

The series ends when Seong walks away from a flight he is about to board but before he does so he calls a number, and the voice on the other line asks him if he wishes to play Squid Game again.

He tells the voice: “I wanna know who you people are and how you can do these horrible things to people.”

The new 17-second trailer, released by Netflix, suggest that season two will carry on from where series one left off as Seong is still in the airport and is seen wearing the same suit.

Squid Game has become a breakout hit for Netflix (Netflix/PA)
Squid Game has become a breakout hit for Netflix (Netflix/PA)

In the teaser, after Seong picks up his phone, the voice at the other end tells him he will “regret his decision”.

He responds: “I will find you. No matter what it takes.”

The show, written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, was turned into a real-life game show following its success.

Squid Game: The Challenge recreated much of the original, down to the outfits and sets, although the lethal re-imaginings of childhood games had lower stakes with contestants facing elimination instead of death.

Winner Mai Whelan scooped the 4.56 million US dollar (£3.61 million) prize when series one ended in December.

In 2023 it was revealed that the reality competition would be renewed by Netflix for a second series.

Series two of the fictional dystopian thriller will be coming to the streaming platform “this year”, according to Netflix.