Player Feigns Injury During Rugby Game to Set Up Perfect On-Pitch Marriage Proposal

A rugby player in West Yorkshire showed ingenuity at the end of a recent game when he feigned an injury to lure his girlfriend onto the pitch before getting down on one knee.

Chris Robinson was playing for his home team, Greetland Allrounders, when he used a tackle as an excuse to stay down. In the video, recorded by referee Daniel Tindall’s body camera, the physio can be seen coming on, while opposing players ask the ref to penalize Robinson for time-wasting.

Robinson’s girlfriend, Amanda Tuckwell, then comes onto the pitch, whereupon the ruse is revealed as Robinson pops the question.

Greetland Allrounders posted the footage to their Facebook page where they congratulated the happy couple. Credit: Daniel Tindall via Storyful

Video transcript

- Out! Move.

- All right.


- Charles.

- He all right?

- It's twisted.

- Call Coach Clare.

- You know how to play a game, don't you?

- Come on, mate. You've already won.


- That'll be time, boys, now. After this.

- Sorry, sir?

- It'll be time.

- Okay.

- It'll be time. Well, just hang on. Just hang on.

- I want to go for a drop goal, here.

- I've made more tackles in this game than all last season. That's true, isn't it, Donnie? See.


- Is that it, yeah?

- Give it a minute.

It'll be after this.

- Stop making it about yourself.



- You all right? Where you going?

- Hey!


- Idiot! Are you mad?

- Better say yes now.

- Yes.

- Yes, boys.


- You great softie.

- My heart is beating out of my chest.

- Did she say yes?


- Is that it? Are we done?


- Cheers.

Cheers. Cheers to you.

Cheers, pal.