PlayStation Plus March monthly games announced

 (ES composite)
(ES composite)

Sony PlayStation has announced the games coming to PlayStation Plus in March. They include an excellent shooter and a minor martial arts masterpiece.

The new quartet of PlayStation Plus Monthly games for March will be available on March 5, so make sure you claim the current titles before then.

They will be replaced by action fighter SIFU, Destiny 2, F1 23 and Hello Neighbour 2. All are available for both PS4 and PS5, making it a bumper month for those who haven’t upgraded to PlayStation 5.

As we discussed back at the beginning of February, the games being replaced are Foamstars, Rollderdrome, and Steelrising.

These games are available to all tiers of PlayStation Plus member, unlike the monthly Game Catalogue titles. Let’s take a closer look at those games.

PlayStation Plus games for March

SIFU is a critically acclaimed martial arts game that would usually be the highest rated of the month, given its 81/100 Metacritic score. But this is a strong month for PlayStation Plus in terms of pure game quality, and it’s actually the third highest rated.

It doesn’t have the ultra-detailed look of a triple-A game, but SIFU does have great fight mechanics that let you feel each punch land. It’s set in China, and sees you seek revenge for the death of your father. Weighty stuff, but make sure you’re ready for a steep challenge as this is no cakewalk.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is the month’s highest reviewed game, with a mega 86% on Metacritic. Many of you are likely familiar with this series already. It’s an epic multiplayer shooter, part of a series that is now a decade old.

The base game is free-to-play but this is the Witch Queen edition, which includes a distinct campaign released in 2022. It’s best played with others, but can be tackled solo, too.

Next up is F1 23, a Formula 1 racing game, and it is a great one. It mixes up simulation-style accuracy in some areas with slightly more approachable arcade-influenced gameplay and a story mode. This makes it far more approachable, particularly if you are not an F1 obsessive.

The final PlayStation Plus game for March is Hello Neighbour 2, the one title that got mixed reviews back at its 2021 launch. But it’s an interesting game.

You walk around a 3D semi-open world, a neighbourhood, and have to solve puzzles and use stealth tactics to rescue kidnapped children. It may have a cartoony appearance, but there’s a horror theme under the surface.