Please don’t leave marmalade sandwiches in tribute to the Queen, mourners told

Well-wishers should not leave marmalade sandwiches in Green Park in tribute to the Queen because of the negative impact on the park’s wildlife, Royal Parks have said.

Following the comedy sketch between Paddington Bear and the Queen filmed for the Platinum Jubilee earlier this year, some mourners have left the beloved character’s favourite snack alongside floral tributes at Buckingham Palace and in neighbouring Green Park.

In the sketch, Paddington offers the Queen a marmalade sandwich out of his hat, saying: “I always keep one for emergencies”.

“So do I, I keep mine in here,” she replies, and pulls one out of her handbag.

Queen Elizabeth II death
A marmalade sandwich among the flowers laid by members of the public (Aine Fox/PA)

However, the Royal Parks organisation, which is in charge of the floral tribute garden set up in Green Park, warned against leaving marmalade sandwiches.

The charity said: “We are asking people not to leave marmalade sandwiches because of the negative impact on the park’s wildlife.”

Mourners are still able to leave teddies and other artefacts, they added, however the organisation “would prefer that they didn’t” for sustainability reasons.

They said: “Our priority at the moment is to manage the huge volume of flowers and tributes that are being left in the Green Park floral tribute garden.

“We will carefully store any teddies and artefacts that have been left and will work closely with our partners, including Buckingham Palace, to agree what we do with them over the next few months with discretion and sensitivity.”

Queen Elizabeth II death
Members of the public view floral tributes in Green Park (Joe Giddens/PA)

Many thousands of flowers have already been laid at the site, which was set up on Friday, as people who have come to pay their respects to the late monarch are directed along the front of Buckingham Palace and towards the floral tribute garden, which is fenced off.

Should the current tribute garden become full over the coming days, the organisation will look to provide alternative locations for tributes in Hyde Park.

Floral tributes are to be monitored by Royal Parks staff, and if any flowers begin to deteriorate they will be taken to the Hyde Park nursery and prepared for composting in Kensington Gardens.

The compost will then be used “on shrubberies and landscaping projects across the Royal Parks”, which include Hyde Park, Greenwich Park, Richmond Park and others.

Royal Parks added: “Any flowers left in the proximity of Buckingham Palace will be sensitively moved at the end of each day to the Green Park tribute site.

“Tributes will be left on site until all ceremonial activity has taken place. It is expected that all floral tributes will be removed from park areas from seven to fourteen days after the date of the funeral.”