Plumes of black smoke billow into Lanarkshire sky as burning chemical smell fills air

Thick plumes of smoke have been seen streaming into the air
-Credit: (Image: Jim Donnelly Photos Blantyre)

Plumes of thick black smoke have been filmed billowing into the sky over Lanarkshire as residents complain of a burning plastic smell.

The nature of the incident is not yet known, however, reports online suggest that there is an ongoing fire in the Caldercruix area.

A video taken from Blantyre, which is over 10 miles away from the Lanarkshire town, shows a continuous stream of smoke flowing into the sky.

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Residents as far as Broxburn, which is 30 miles away, and Livingston have complained on social media of a strong chemical burning smell in the air.

One Facebook user wrote in a Livingston group: "Big fire in Caldercruix which is what we could be smelling, recommended to close windows.

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"Details direct from fire service."

Another added: "Does anyone smell smoke/fire? Working at Almondvale Retail Park currently and it's bad."

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service have been contacted for comment.

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