Plymouth people divided over trendy new student hangout

Plymouth College is set to open a new attractive and peaceful study garden and sitting space. The plan, which calls for six seating pods and the construction of an inverted arch entry at Ford Park, has been approved. It is envisioned that the area will comprise of a total of six timber seating pods set within a maintained square grass lawn. Plymouth residents have been putting their views forward in our comments section.

The area is currently off-limits to students, neglected, overgrown, and underutilised—it serves mostly as a place to store equipment for outdoor activities. The new location will present a fantastic chance to build a fresh, accessible area where students may hang out and study.

Officers from Plymouth City Council approved the proposals, stating that "officers concluded that the proposal is acceptable and accords the Local Plan."

Sunshine51 is concerned that money might be wasted: “With all these capital works the Council approves, they must be £millions in profit if they can afford to spend so much on non-essential work.”

MakePlymouthGreatAgain points out: “It’s a private school, it will be funded with private funds not council funds.”

Over on our Facebook page, Adrian Bridgeman says: "How ridiculous that they have to apply and pay for listed building consent to knock a hole in a slate rubble garden wall when the city has thousands of such walls. Heritage listing can sometimes be a millstone around the neck of a property owner."

Kindofjanner says: “Lovely design. Always nice to see something positive for the City.” JohnDancing thinks: “It is nice to see positive things.”

Wescountry is concerned: "A few pods that will no doubt be vandalised within weeks." Doct disagrees: “As for the pods... they're a great idea and will be looked after.” Mary Stewart likes the plan: "This does look nice blending in with nature."

Do you think this plan will benefit the students of Plymouth? Have your say below in our comments section.