Plymouth has 'world's best burger' according to UK's 'number one' food reviewer

Zephyr's entry to the National Burger Awards - the Ribwich Cheeseburger
Zephyr's Ribwich Cheeseburger -Credit:Fleet Street

A top food reviewer has rated a burger from a Plymouth restaurant as 'new scale levels of perfection.' Matt Binge, the 'UK's Number One Food Reviewer' goes as far as to say the burger he recently ate at Zephyr Burgers 'could be the best burger in the world.'

The popular food critic, has been sharing his adoration for the city's restaurant with his 174,000 Instagram followers. Initially posting an Instagram video this week teasing fans about the 'best burger' he had put in his mouth.

He said: "BUT where is it? A MASSIVE review drops tomorrow…" He later revealed to followers he had been talking about the Drake Circus restaurant.

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Matt, who is the founder of Food Review Club, has also been raving about the place on his Instagram stories. In the video, he told fans: "I have eaten at nearly all the top burger spots. Some of which I hate, some of which I love.

And then there's burgers like that. I don't want to disrespected anyone else in the game but that burger I have just had there today is new scale levels of perfection. That is the best burger I have put in my mouth.

A person holding a tasty looking cheeseburger from Zephyr Burgers.
Food reviewer Matt Binge was hugely impressed -Credit:Zephyr Burgers

"If I could award this a 35,000 out of 10, I would. That for me is 10 out of 10. I'm just like really happy. That was a real pleasure to eat.

"That could be the best burger in the world. That's how good it is." You can see the Instagram post and watch the video below:

Reacting to the post, Instagram user and Food Review Club follower 'Fezz Zaahh' commented: "Wow, big statement." While foodmunkey wrote: "I think Matt likes the burger…."

"Gave me goosebumps," 'Kem' commented. And another follower 'colmad08' commented: "When the man speaks, you listen."

Zephyr Burgers was voted as the best burger in the city by PlymouthLive readers in 2021. In 2022 owner and chef Oz Harborth was handed the title of burger chef of the year at the National Burger Awards.

Speaking when he was handed the prestigious title, Oz said: “Everything we do is centered around creating amazing and memorable food, so our approach to getting there is to always put the food first. The suppliers we work with, the ingredients we use and the processes we develop all help to ensure our food delivers maximum flavour."