Podiatrist issues brutal warning over new viral foot peeling trend

Foot peel masks can actually cause serious harm
Foot peel masks can actually cause serious harm -Credit:Shared Content Unit

A foot expert has shared a serious warning over a recent internet trend which could be causing people harm. Foot peel masks have exploded in terms of popularity as of late, promising people baby-soft feet with minimal effort - but Nicki, also known as @thepodlifts on social media has issued a word of caution on using them.

In a viral video of her own, Nicki outlined how the masks could cause serious harm - especially to those who have underlying health conditions like diabetes. She warned: "The mask doesn’t know the difference between healthy and dead skin."

This can cause a range of issues from mild irritation to severe medical conditions - while Nicki warned that people with diabetes or the ill need to be particularly vigilant. That's because people can be exposed to a 'foot ulcer or wound' which can in-turn provide a entry point for an infection.

The Mirror reports that this can escalate into severe infections, sepsis and even amputation in the most extreme cases, warned Nicki. One viewer of the video, said: "I once used a foot peel and my skin had chemical burns," while another, shared: "I have four autoimmune conditions and pancreatic disease.

"Foot peels cause second to third-degree burns on my feet." A third, meanwhile, said: "I used a foot mask peel a couple of weeks ago. My feet peeled like crazy which is what I wanted, but I've had hives since, and now the bottoms of my feet are so itchy."

An alleged medic also emphasised serious risks, with: "I’m a medic and we see this all the time. The smallest cuts can lead to amputation."

The Foot Ankle Centre say that most foot peels contain a combination of 'alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids and essential oils' - and while they can be great for exfoliation, they also carry dangers. Over-exfoliating can lead to 'blisters' and 'skin infections', which can be painful and may require medical attention.

Those with diabetes have a higher risk, as high glucose levels can 'affect the body's ability to heal wounds' which makes them more prone to serious complications from foot peels. Meanwhile, 'alcohol' and 'certain fragrances' can also cause issues - with the former drying out the skin, leading to increased sensitivity and irritation.

Fragrances can also cause reactions in those with allergies, from mild itching to severe rashes. People carrying children should also be cautious, as foot peels could potentially affect the health of them and their unborn baby.