The pointless London Underground journey that's much less hassle just to walk

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-Credit: (Image: N Chadwick)

The London Underground, a love-hate relationship for many city dwellers, is undeniably one of the capital's greatest assets. It offers near-universal access to all corners of the city, barring those pesky South London spots where Tube construction proves impossible.

However, some journeys just don't make sense when you factor in the fare cost and practicality. Sometimes, if you can, it's simply easier and cheaper to walk.

Take, for example, the journey between Shepherds Bush Market Station and Goldhawk Road Station. Instead of tapping in, riding the escalators, and waiting for the Tube, why not enjoy a leisurely seven-minute stroll?

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Google Maps reveals that these two stations are absurdly close, with the train ride on the Circle and Hammersmith City line lasting a mere minute.

Pennard Road, a residential street sandwiched between the bustling Uxbridge Road and Goldhawk Road, connects these two stations. If you're up for a scenic detour, you can wander through nearby Shepherds Bush Green, adding just four minutes to your journey.

As temperatures plummet, the temptation to rush indoors at every opportunity is understandable, especially after a long workday. But is it worth shelling out £2.50 for a one-minute journey?

If you're keen to dodge unnecessary Tube trips, Transport for London (TfL) has kindly provided a list of all the journeys that would be quicker on foot, especially during peak hours.

Included in this list is the swift one-minute journey from Oxford Street to Bond Street. However, the quickest of them all is the 20-second trip between Leicester Square and Covent Garden.

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