Pokemon Go Takes Over The Kaiser Chiefs' Concert

Pokemon Go has been around for even less time than Hiddleswift yet it’s already taken over the world on a whole new level.

We mean, it’s actually a little bit ridiculous.

Nintendo’s new reality game sees fans turn into true Pokemon masters as they actively explore the outside world in a bid to discover new characters.

Gamers have been sharing anecdotes about Pokemon turning up absolutely anywhere - from a sex shop to the middle of a lake to their local pub, with one poor girl being unsuspectingly lead to a dead body in her bid to a secure a new creature.

However, it is now starting to take over other events with Kaiser Chief fans being left distracted during the band’s recent concert by the presence of a Rattata.

One fan took to Twitter to reveal the news, writing alongside a screenshot: “Scored a Rattatta at the @KaiserChiefs concert”, with Garth Brooks fans at the Yankee Stadium in New York also seeing his show as an excuse to explore the stadium in a bid to find more Pokemon.

We mean, will players be able to do absolutely anything without playing the game? Or is this the end of concert-going and socialising as we know it?

And it’s not just regular people who have been sucked into the virtual reality world with a whole heap of stars revealing that they’re just as hooked as we are.

Wiz Khalifa tweeted: “I know about the privacy issues wit Pokemon but f*ck man. N*gga gotta catch em all.”

Good Charlotte’s Billy Martin added: “Don’t worry, I searched for Pokemons at the Voice, there were none. However, the Voice stage is a gym. Who knew? #PokemonGo”.

We reckon it’s going to be a long time before this latest Pokemon fad goes away…