Poldark Fans Disappointed As Aiden’s Top Stays On For Entire Episode


Poldark has managed to shed a whopping 300,000 viewers since it first aired earlier in the month – and if some fans’ furious reaction to the latest episode is anything to go by, it’s all down to star Aiden Turner’s six pack.

Viewers took to social media to vent their anger at the BBC period drama after the 33-year-old actor had the cheek to stay fully clothed throughout the latest installment.

The period drama’s last series became famous for its topless scything scene which gave viewers a glimpse of the star’s enviable six-pack, and last week’s topless mining moment promised more of the same. But the writers’ shocking decision to leave Aiden fully clothed this week didn’t go down well at all.


“Yadda, yadda courtroom stuff, blah blah,” whinged one fan. “Hurry up and get back to topless scything already.”

“No topless Poldark shots,” moaned another. “You could’ve said. I’d have watched Victoria instead.”

And it seems that watching Victoria is exactly what viewers are doing, with the ITV drama starring Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes pulling in an average of 5million viewers compared to Poldark’s 4.8million. It’s a far cry from the show’s last outing, when Aiden’s pecs regularly pulled in 10million at their peak.


With all this ogling going on, you could forgive the show’s lead actor for feeling objectified – but not a bit of it.

“I don’t feel objectified. It’s funny!” he told The Times recently. “It’s just a couple of people admiring your body,”

A couple of million more like, Aiden. Writers take note – he’s well up of it.

A third series of the show is currently being filmed in Cornwall, presumably consisting of nothing more than Aiden pouting at the camera for an hour a week.

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