Police call off water search for missing Dr Michael Mosley as focus turns back to Greek island

Police have called off a water search for the missing Dr
-Credit: (Image: BBC / Dragonfly TV)

Police have called off a water search of missing Dr Michael Mosley who vanished from the Greek island of Symi.

Cops have been conducting a major search for the TV personality who never returned to his wife after he left for a walk in the direction of the town of Pedi.

Officers on the island now say they have called off their water search and will now concentrate on the terrain between Pedi and Gialos.

The island's mayor Papakalodoukas Lefterios told the Mirror search and rescue teams were now focusing on a two-kilometre stretch of land between Pedi and Gialos after halting water searches.

He said: "They have not yet found anything - it is a mystery this disappearance. The police of Simi, the Coast Guard and forces from Athens, including police and criminal investigators, are working non-stop and will be working non-stop till they find any clue.

“I very much doubt there is a criminal aspect in this case. At least as far the local community is concerned. I very much doubt that any of the inhabitants of the island has acted in that way."

Michael Mosley was last seen as he left a beach in Symi
Health guru Dr Michael Mosley missing on island in Greece https://www.facebook.com/groups/6621559743/posts/10161926938409744/?locale=ur_PK -Credit:No credit

He added: "I do believe however, the elder man walking on his own without a phone in an unknown island and 35C of heat could lead to many conclusions.

"He could have had unknown health issues triggered by the heat and he could’ve wondered through unknown paths and had an accident. Had he followed the right path I believe that everything would have been okay”.

The search for the missing TV doc is now in its third day. Helicopters, drones, dogs and a number of mercy crews have been scrambled to aid with desperate mission to find the missing 67-year-old.

Dr Mosley's agent confirmed his disappearance yesterday, telling the Mirror they were "extremely worried". His wife Dr Clare Bailey alerted the emergency services after her husband vanished on a coastal walk on Wednesday in the area of St Nicholas Beach.

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