Police are called after customer ‘kicks off at takeaway because staff put gravy on his chips'

A customer kicked off at a takeaway after staff there put gravy on his chips, police said.

A 999 call was made from the shop in Manchester city centre at 2.15am last Tuesday when the customer allegedly threatened staff because of his order.

The incident happened at a fish and chips shop when the customer was angry to find gravy all over his fries, according to Greater Manchester Police.

By the time officers arrived at the scene, the chippy had closed.

In a tweet from its GMP City Centre account on Twitter, the police force said: ‘999 from fish & chip shop earlier this week – customer kicking off, apparently because they put gravy on his chips.

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‘Shop was closed when we got there later, and in the absence of any other calls, we’ve assumed no-one got battered…’

Having chips with gravy is a popular dish in the north of England, but remains bafflingly uncommon in the south.

Gravy on chips can be controversial (Picture: Rex)
Gravy on chips can be controversial (Picture: Rex)

The Manchester Evening News reported that the man got angry when staff took his chips away to pour gravy on them.

A public order offence was recorded by police but no further action was taken.