Police Find Couple Lost in Peruvian Hiking Area

Two people who had gotten lost on a trek near the Paccha waterfalls in Peru were rescued by a search-and-rescue team from the national police.

Footage released by Policia Nacional del Peru shows the couple being found and taken into a police car.

The police said they started the search-and-rescue operation following a call to their emergency number.

According to local news reports, the police found Roger Ponce Rosas and Deysi Luque Quispe on the trekking route to the Paccha waterfalls at an altitute of 4,208 meters.

Diario Sin Fronteras said that the couple showed signs of dehydration and hypothermia, and that they were taken to the city of Arequipa to receive medical attention. Credit: Policia Nacional del Peru via Storyful