Police dog stabbed in the head during assault arrest is back on duty following quick recovery

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
PD Audi is back at work after he suffered a knife wound during an arrest (PA)

A police dog has returned to work earlier than expected after he was stabbed in the head during an arrest.

PD Audi was injured during the incident in Stoke-on-Trent on July 1, in which officers are alleged to have been assaulted.

But just weeks after the attack, Staffordshire Police confirmed the dog was back at work and the force thanked well-wishers who sent cards and even two hampers to aid his recovery.

Audi’s handler, Pc Karl Mander, said: "Fortunately, Audi hasn't taken as long to recover from his injury as we at first feared.

"He's had lots of rest and TLC and luckily he has recovered well and there doesn't seem to be any lasting damage to him.

Audi's recovery was quicker than was expected (PA)

"I have to say, we were really touched by the cards and get well messages people sent to Audi. I think it shows that the public values the work our police dogs do.

"We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who sent something to Audi, it really was appreciated.”

Dan O’Sullivan, 29, from Liverpool, was taken into custody and charged with causing unnecessary suffering to a police dog following the incident and faces allegations that he assaulted five police officers.

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O’Sullivan is thought to be the first person to face charges under Finn’s Law - a new law designed to protect service animals.

The law came into force on June 8 and was named after police dog Finn, who nearly died after he was stabbed in the chest and head while chasing a suspect with his handler Pc David Wardell.

Finn’s Law stops anyone who attacks or injures service animals from claiming they were acting in self-defence.