Police issue urgent alert after one dead and seven in hospital over 'contaminated' sleeping pill

Medication and a glass of water
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Police have sounded the alarm after a spate of hospitalisations and one fatality linked to suspected tainted sleeping pills in the area. Cleveland Police are cautioning users against a dodgy batch of Zopiclone, following seven individuals being hospitalised.

The affected parties were admitted to North Tees General Hospital after experiencing adverse reactions to the drug. Tragically, one man has lost his life, believed to have consumed the medication, as confirmed by police on Saturday. Zopiclone, typically prescribed for insomnia, carries a risk of addiction.

A Cleveland Police spokesperson reported: "On Friday 28 June police received reports of seven adults having been taken to North Tees General Hospital. They are all believed to be suffering the effects of a drug called Zopiclone. Officers are warning drug users of a potentially contaminated batch which could cause significant illness or lead to an overdose. Officers are also investigating the death of one man who is believed to have taken Zopiclone."

The public is encouraged to contact Cleveland Police on 101 with any information regarding the suspicious drug batch. Anonymous tips can also be submitted to Crimestoppers at 0800 555 111, reports the Mirror.