Police Officers Rescue Driver Trapped in Floodwaters in Atlanta, Georgia

Police officers used a baton to smash through a car window and rescue a driver trapped in floodwaters in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 14.

Emergency services were inundated with calls for help as heavy rainfall caused flash flooding across the city.

Officers spotted the sedan partially submerged in the floodwaters and said “the water was so deep the vehicle was being lifted from the ground and the doors would not open.”

Footage posted by the City of Atlanta Police Department shows two officers wading through the water. One used a baton to smash the side window so that his colleague was able to pull the driver out of the car to dry land. Credit: City of Atlanta Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript



Go! Go, go!


- Hey!

- Go that way though. I got the drain right here. I got the drain right here. Go that way! I got the frain right here. You need to go that way. There's a officer right there. Go by that car. Go by the car. Go on and let the window down.

- I can't.


- Are you able to bust it?


- Y'all need to break this [INAUDIBLE], brother.

- Hey, step away.

- Go ahead. Step away.

- Turn your head.

- Step away.

- Turn your head! Turn your head.

- Go ahead. Watch it.

- Yeah. Man, what kind of glass is that? There you go.

- [INAUDIBLE] ready.

- Come on. Just come on.

- Watch out. Watch yourself.

- Come on.

- [INAUDIBLE] I had to break the window to get the guy-- trying to get this guy out.

- Come on. Come on. Come on.

- I'm sorry. Lieutenant is here with me.

- [INAUDIBLE]. I got your arm.

- I got [INAUDIBLE].

- Come on. Let yourself go, man. Come on.

- Watch it. Watch your head.

- Come on.

- Watch it. Watch it.

- Come on.

- All right.

- Come on.

- We'll go that way.

- Come on, this way.

- I got you.

- [GROANING] Man, I can't swim neither.

- I got you.

- Oh, [? shit. ?] [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, [? shit. ?] Thank you, guys.

- For sure.

- Yeah.

- I never-- I never swam through something like this.

- I got you.


- Yeah. Go ahead and come around here. Come right [INAUDIBLE].

- Can you stand up?

- Stand up. Stand up. Stand up. Stand up.

- Walk with us. Come on.

- I got you.

- Come on. Go over to the car.


- All right, just sit in the car.

- Whew. [INAUDIBLE] Appreciate it.

- Oh, man, my phone.

- Your phone? It's in the car?

- Man, I didn't know it was that deep until I stepped down. Whew.