Police Rescue Mother and Children From Burning Building in Leicester

Police officers led a mother and her children to safety after a fire broke out in a block of flats in Leicester city centre, England, on November 16, bodycam footage shows.

According to police, constables Elliot Godden and Vishal Dave were at Mansfield House police station when they were alerted via radio that a fire had broken out in a nearby building.

Bodycam footage released by Leicestershire Police shows the officers entering the building and searching each flight of stairs. The officers find some hallways filled with smoke during their investigations.

When the officer reached the top floor, he finds a woman with her two children in one apartment.

“We found the female on the top floor and helped carry her children downstairs so they could all get out quickly and safely. The fire service had turned up so we carried on clearing the area then and speaking with the residents," PC Godden said in a statement. Credit: Leicestershire Police via Storyful

Video transcript

- [INAUDIBLE]. You can't-- you can't go up there. You've got to wait for the fire brigade.


- We need to make sure there's no one left in. Hold this door.

- You've got to wait for the fire brigade.

- Look, find someone to hold this open.



- [INAUDIBLE] fire brigade. Out of the house.


- Everyone out of the building! Police! Everybody out of the building! Police! Everyone out!


Police! Level 5 is currently in smoke. Police!


- Be careful [INAUDIBLE] out there. All right. Let's [INAUDIBLE] a different floor.

- Yeah. Police. Oh, no, no! Out! Out! Out!


- No!

- OK. OK. OK.

- Ma'am, where are you going?

- My children.

- Out. OK. Get your children. OK. How many children have you got?

- Two.

- Two.

- Three.

- It's OK. We need to get you out.


- There's a fire. We need to get you out.


Hello? [INAUDIBLE] level 9, female and two children, just going to bring them out.



- Sir, this way.


- Yeah.

- [INAUDIBLE] evacuated.

- You go with Mommy.


- Come here.

- Just-- miss, just--

- Just a second.

- --come this-- no, no, this way, miss. Go this way forwards, turn right.

- OK.