Police sent to wrong address find cannabis drying on clothes rack

Police found the cannabis plant when they were called to the wrong address. (SWNS) .

A man has been arrested after police found a large amount of cannabis when they were sent to the wrong address.

Police officers seized the drug, which they found drying on a clothes rack at the house in Tavistock, Devon.

The man was arrested on suspicion of being involved in the production of cannabis and later released under investigation.

The class B drug was drying when the police found it. (SWNS)

Tavistock Police posted the find on Twitter.

They wrote: “When you get sent to the wrong address for a concern for welfare log, but find a cannabis grow instead. Male arrested for Production of Cannabis and released under investigation. Drugs seized and equipment destroyed.”

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The force added on Twitter: “The occupant allowed us entry believing his little room full of green stuff was nicely locked up and sealed from the flat. It wasn’t.”

The police entered the property under section 17 of PACE, which gives police the power to enter and search premises without a warrant in order to ‘save life or limb’ or prevent serious damage to the property.