Police stop and report Just Eat rider out on delivery after spotting 'danger'

Police speak to the Just Eat delivery rider on Nell Lane
Police speak to the Just Eat delivery rider on Nell Lane -Credit:GMP

A Just Eat delivery rider was stopped by police after being found on a faulty electric bike. Greater Manchester Police officers feared the vehicle would be a danger to other road users, as it was spotted being used during a delivery yesterday (May 17).

The force says the chain had been taken off the bike and it had defective brakes. It was seized by officers on Nell Lane, in West Didsbury.

An image shared by GMP shows an officer speaking to the rider, who was wearing orange and carrying a Just Eat delivery bag. In a tongue-in-cheek post on X last night (Thursday), GMP Traffic wrote: "Not so Fast Food Delivery!

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"Sorry if your happy meal is late, but your delivery rider decided to take the chain off his push bike turning it into a motorcycle purely powered by electricity, with defective brakes! Rider reported. Did somebody say... Just Seized!"

Just Eat says it offers a delivery service to businesses using independent self-employed contractors who are responsible for making sure their vehicles are roadworthy, and it regularly provides guidance on the use of e-bikes. A Just Eat spokesperson added: "The safety of couriers, road users and the public is a key priority for Just Eat.

"All couriers delivering on our behalf must ensure they follow all local laws and rules of the road. We take a zero tolerance approach to illegal vehicle use and if we are ever made aware that a courier delivering on our behalf has acted in a way that does not uphold the standards we hope to deliver, we do not hesitate in taking action, which could include revoking the courier from our network.”

It's not the first delivery bike which has been stopped by police in Manchester over recent days. City centre officers pursued an electric bike which jumped a red light on Sunday night (May 12).

The bike was brought to a stop at a dead end
The bike brought to a stop on Sunday -Credit:GMP

The bike was found to be capable of speeds up to 40mph - meaning the delivery rider using it needed a licence and insurance. GMP says he had neither, the bike was seized and the driver reported.