Police warning as parked car blocks road in South Hams

Police couldn't get through a blocked road in Ivybridge this weekend
Police couldn't get through a blocked road this weekend -Credit:Ivybridge and Rural Police

Police have warned of a 'costly' mistake as drivers flocked to villages in South Hams to make the most of the weather. Officers are urging motorists to be more respectful if parking and leaving vehicles for the day after recovery had to be called when a car blocked a road.

Appearing to hint that this was brought on by the nice weather, the force had to call out recovery when one of the cars in a line of vehicles was significantly in the road. It said: "This could prove a costly day out for the owner of the vehicle."

Ivybridge and Rural Police posted to Facebook about the incident on Sunday (May 12) afternoon. They said: "If you’re out and about on these lovely, sunny days within our beautiful South Hams villages, please park considerately if you’re intending on leaving your vehicle there for the day.

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"This was an incident yesterday where other vehicles could not get past and recovery had to be called. This could prove a costly day out for the owner of the vehicle. Thank you for your co-operation."

Reacting to the photo, residents said it appeared to be a frequent problem. "There are signs on the wall telling people not to park there or they will cause an obstruction - some people just think they know better!" said one unhappy local.

Another said: "There needs to be bollards opposite this point to stop people parking there as this happens frequently." Another said a nearby road "is like this regularly and never changes".