Politicians condemn ‘violence’ towards Nigel Farage after objects thrown at him

Politicians have condemned “violence” towards Nigel Farage after objects were thrown at the Reform UK leader on the General Election campaign trail.

Mr Farage was on top of a party battle bus in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, on Tuesday morning when a cup was thrown, narrowly missing him.

A man in a red hoodie could be seen shouting from a construction area below, before reaching into a bucket and throwing something else, which also missed.

Workmen appeared to then haul the man from the site and he ran off, before police officers tackled him.

South Yorkshire Police said they had arrested a 28-year-old man, who remained in police custody.

Mr Farage, speaking later while campaigning in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, said the attack was “pretty nasty”.

He said police tipped them off early that it was “not a very good idea” to leave the battle bus.

Mr Farage added: “Protest is allowed.

“Protest is part of our democratic process.

“But protest needs to be within certain bounds.

“Protest does not involve chucking cement towards me, or even stones.

“I don’t mind if someone shouts something rude at me, I would probably shout it back.

“But when it comes to violence that actually poses a real threat.”

He called the attack “violent” and said he would be in hospital now if he had got off the bus.

Mr Farage said he agrees that people who throw objects during campaigns should “absolutely” go to jail.

Home Secretary James Cleverly said: “There must be no place for violence and intimidation in our politics and these actions should be condemned by everyone.

“Thanks to the police for their quick action to detain the suspect.”

Stephanie Peacock, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Barnsley South, said: “Intimidation has no place in our politics.

“I condemn the violence we saw in Barnsley town centre today.

“All candidates in this election should be free to campaign without being subject to violence or intimidation.”

It comes after Victoria Thomas Bowen, 25, was charged with assault by beating and criminal damage when a milkshake was thrown over Mr Farage as he left the Moon and Starfish Wetherspoons pub in Clacton-on-Sea in Essex on Tuesday last week.

Mr Farage was seen with the yellow drink splattered across his dark blue suit as he boarded his campaign bus.

Thomas Bowen is due to appear before Colchester Magistrates’ Court on July 2.

During a campaign walkabout in Newcastle in 2019, Mr Farage had a £5.25 Five Guys banana and salted caramel milkshake thrown at him.