Poll shows huge drop in support for Vaughan Gething

Vaughan Gething taking his seat in the First Minister's Office
Vaughan Gething taking his seat in the First Minister's Office -Credit:Matthew Horwood/Crown Copyright

Support for Vaughan Gething has plummeted in the last month, latest polling figures for Wales show. Mr Gething, who became Welsh Labour leader and First Minister of Wales in March, has seen support drop 27 points in the last month.

His net approval rating is now down 17%, according to polling by Redfield & Wilton. The pollsters questioned 900 people in Wales between May 18 and 19 on a variety of topics including their feelings on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer as well as who they would vote for in a general election.

The polling was carried out days after Plaid Cymru quit the co-operation deal with Labour and Mr Gething sacked his social partnership minister Hannah Blythyn. It is also after it emerged that he spent more than £220,000 on his leadership campaign and had £31,000 remaining. However it was after this polling that it was confirmed the Labour Party would not keep the money itself but give it to "progressive causes". You can read more about that here.

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People were asked: "To what extent, if at all, do you approve or disapprove of Vaughan Gething's overall job performance since he became leader of Welsh Labour and First Minister of Wales?"

The number of those who said they strongly approved of Mr Gething as First Minister was at 33% in April but has dropped to 18% this month. The number for 'neither approve or disapprove' has gone from 36% to 30% between April and May and the number who disapprove has risen from 23% in April to 35% in May.

Conservative group leader Andrew RT Davies has an approval rating of -11% (down 5% on last month) while Plaid Cymru's leader Rhun ap Iorwerth saw his fall 14% to -1%. In terms of voting intention in a Senedd election Labour remains in the lead with 37% support. Plaid Cymru and the Conservatives are tied at 20% with Reform UK having 10% support. The Green Party and Liberal Democrats both have 5% support each.

In terms of how people intend to vote at a Westminster election Labour's support is up compared to the previous month's polling.

Support in May is:

Labour: 43% (up 3% from April)

Conservatives: 19% (up 1%)

Reform UK: 15% (down 3%)

Plaid Cymru: 14% (-)

Green Party: 6% (up 2%)

Liberal Democrats: 3% (down 3%)

Other: 1%.

In terms of support for Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer Mr Sunak has a net approval rating of -27% with 53% of Welsh voters disapproving of his overall job performance. Sir Keir's net approval rating is at -1%, up one point, with 33% of voters approving of his job performance.

Another question asked how people would vote if there were a vote about independence in Wales. The question was: "If there were to be a referendum tomorrow with the following question how would you vote: should Wales be an independent country?" Altogether 59% of Welsh respondents say they would vote no and 29% (down 1%) would vote yes.

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