Polling location moved for Saturday's election

May 3—In response to the lower voter turnout for the Special May 4th Joint Election, Elections Administrator Diana McRae made the decision to move Saturday's election to the Walker County Annex.

The Election Day polling location for the May 4th Joint Election (Emergency Services District No. 3 and Riverside Special Utility District) has officially moved from: Walker County Storm Shelter, 455 SH 75 N, Huntsville, to the Walker County Annex, Room 101, 1301 Sam Houston Avenue, Huntsville.

Walker County Election officials are taking all necessary actions to transition voting from the Walker County Storm Shelter to the Walker County Annex for Election Day. Any other polling location(s) previously planned to be open for Election Day will continue to be open and serve any voters registered within the districts holding the elections.

Voters should monitor the Walker County Current Elections webpage for additional details regarding the official move. The Walker County Elections Department will remain open and serve as election central for voters throughout this process and can be reached at (936) 436-4959.

"As county officials began to open the Storm Shelter to residents who had evacuated from flooding earlier in the week, I took the opportunity to officially change the location," McRae said Thursday.

McRae noted that only 101 voters took to the polls during Early Voting. The low voter turnout gave McRae the confidence that the move was necessary.

"Instead of moving to voting to one smaller area for voting at the Storm Shelter, we moved the equipment to the Annex," McRae said. "Voters can feel confident voting without being interrupted."

Voting for handicapped individuals will still be available at the Annex.

Results of the election will be posted to the county Election webpage.

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