I was a popular nerd at school, says Lily Gladstone

Lily Gladstone was a "popular nerd" at school.

The 37-year-old actress had "a social life with a few close friends" during her younger years - but she was always a very focused student.

Speaking to the BBC, Lily shared: "I was a nerd. But I was a popular nerd. A nerd in the sense that I had a social life with a few close friends, but I was chronically like, 'Sorry, I can't, I'm in rehearsal'."

Lily recently became the first Native American woman to be nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars.

And the Hollywood star feels "grateful" to have been recognised for her performance in 'Killers of the Flower Moon', the Martin Scorsese-directed crime-drama.

She said: "Some of the very first films, I think the very first film, was of Native people. It was us filming ourselves and documenting some of our dances.

"That's some of the very earliest archival film footage. The first movie, I think, was made by Native people. So I'm grateful [for the Oscar nomination], it's about time."

Lily recently won the Best Actress gong at the Golden Globes, and she feels proud to be representing her community.

She explained: "It's circumstantial that I was the first one to win that in the category, but it doesn't belong to me. I'm standing on so many shoulders and I'm representing such a huge supportive community that's made it possible for me to do this."

Despite her success, Lily is keen to take on a different challenge in the coming months.

The actress said: "I do find that any piece that I do does tend to revolve around these big questions of imperialism, authoritarianism, indigeneity of love, of family and humanity.

"I also feel like I'm very due for a comedy at this point."