Popular UK crisps returning to shelves five years after being discontinued

An iconic crisp flavour has made a RETURN to shelves as others from the same crisp maker are discontinued. And fans will be bursting with nostalgia at the launch and return of the divisive flavour, which sparked an outcry when it was axed.

Salt and Vinegar Discos are making a comeback on supermarket shelves and will come in multipacks filled with six 25.5g bags at £1.50 a pop in B&M, Asda and Sainsbury's from mid-April. Tesco and Farmfoods then follow suit in stocking the crisps.

The brand saw bacon-flavoured Discos discontinued previously. A spokesperson sadly announced: "Unfortunately the popularity of this snack has been on a downward trend for a while, therefore, sadly, production was no longer commercially viable and the product had to be discontinued.

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"We have no plans in producing these again in the near future. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news." Discos in a Salt and Vinegar flavour were last seen on shelves back in 2019 and 2020 before they were axed by the crisps makers KP.

In a gushing five-star review on Sainsbury's, a shopper said: "Expensive for one bag of crisps. Great flavour though, very tangy." An Ocado shopper wrote: "A giant bag of delicious Discos? Great! Unfortunately both bags I bought had split along the centre seam at the back so they were stale and not very crunchy.

"So... nice idea but maybe don't skimp on the glue next time, KP." Another said: "Im not sure this qualifies as a sharing bag or am I a fatty they arent as strong as they used to be either." One online seller says: "Disco Salt and Vinegar crisps are one of our most popular crisps.

"Get a full box of 30 mini bags in a factory sealed box. These are the small 30g bags and you get 30 of these. Super zingy salt and vinegar flavour these disc shaped crisps are super crunchy and pack a big hit of flavour.

"We struggle to get enough stock of these so stock up whilst you can!"