'Oh My God': Possible Tornado Leaves Damage in Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Damage was reported in Hopkinsville, southwest Kentucky, on Saturday, January 1, after a possible tornado passed through the area.

Sirens rang through the city, located near Fort Campbell and the Tennessee border on Saturday, as the National Weather Service issued several tornado warnings for nearby areas as well as a tornado watch until early Saturday evening.

“Parts of Western and Eastern Kentucky are experiencing widespread flooding, with a reported tornado in Hopkinsville and multiple warnings and watches across the South Central and Western region,” Gov Andy Beshear said in a tweet. “Please be aware, stay safe and seek shelter when advised.”

This video, recorded by Ethan Calvert on Saturday morning, captures a funnel cloud near downtown Hopkinsville, and shows debris flying through the air. Calvert can be heard exclaiming and calling out to check on the safety of others. Credit: Ethan Calvert via Storyful

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