Pothole on Essex road reappears three weeks after being 'fixed'

Defects that have seen a road crumble outside a Rolls Royce garage just three weeks after being fixed will be addressed at the beginning of June, the county council has said. A stream is believed to be running under the point in the road in Great Easton where it has habitually crumbled, to such an extent that a handmade sign warning drivers of "dangerous" potholes appeared in April.

On around April 19, the defects were filled in. But the road has started to crumble again - prompting a return of the sign. The pothole was used as a specific example during a scrutiny session with Essex Highways last month and the efficiency of how roads are being maintained.

Recently residents fed up with potholes in one street in Chelmsford altered a road sign to highlight their frustrations. Patching Hall Lane was unofficially renamed to Patch The Holes Lane, thanks to the crude handiwork of locals.

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A spokesperson for Essex Highways said: "Highway improvement works will take place on Dunmow Road, outside the garage at the start of June. This will see the defects on this road addressed. To find out more information on these works, please visit https://one.network/?GB138567114.

“We do ask members of the public not to install signage as it can mislead residents and cause confusion. Instead, residents can report any issues through our online Tell Us tool at https://www.essexhighways.org/tell-us.”