Powerful 7.3-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near Solomon Islands

A magnitude-7.3 earthquake struck off the coast of the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean, on November 22, in the south west region of Malango.

An initial tsunami warning was lifted by the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service on Tuesday, saying there was no tsunami threat to the islands, but warning locals to “expect unusual sea currents around most coastal waters.”

According to local news reports, power was cut off for most of Honiara in the aftermath of the earthquake.

There were no reports of injuries or fatalities as of Tuesday afternoon, however the Solomon Times reported that multiple commercial buildings and private properties were damaged.

This footage streamed live on Facebook shows Kelly Lena cleaning up after the earthquake shook her home. Credit: Kelly Lena via Storyful

Video transcript



Yes, so if you guys saw, [INAUDIBLE].

--only for safety. Oh, my gosh. I'm all alone and-- Oh, god.

So there's some of the things that fell off.



Oh my gosh. I'm so worried if it comes back. I don't know. Maybe the TV is going to go off as well.



Sorry, guys but um--


Right. Yeah, so, um-- How you guys doing after this earthquake? I don't know if it still comes back. I was in a deep sleep when this happened. So my neighbors are going outside. I was, like, screaming. And I was like, [INAUDIBLE] because I was sleeping in it. I don't think it's-- [EXHALES] My gosh.

So, anyway, do take care, and don't forget to take extra care. But, yeah. I'm fine. Let's see if it comes back, again OK? [INAUDIBLE] Oh, my god. Just made this Christmas tree last night, and-- and this earthquake make it fall down.


Hope you'll save this one [INAUDIBLE].

So, I'm fine. I'm together. I'm OK. Anyway, guys, thanks for watching. And just think about me. [LAUGHS]