Prague 'considers stag party costume ban' amid city's overtourism issue

Stag party in Prague wearing kooky costumes
Prague is a hot spot for pre-wedding parties that are often costume themed -Credit:Getty Images

Officials in Prague - a notoriously popular destination for brides and grooms-to-be - are considering a ban on crazy costumes to combat over-tourism, according to local reports.

Politicians of the historic European city reportedly want to put an end to the practice often seen in groups of visitors as part of stag and hen parties. The move is said to combat noise pollution from such cohorts who take part in booze-fuelled activities like pub crawls and beer tours.

First introduced by the municipal council of Prague 1, its city centre, the resolution is reportedly still being discussed, according to local outlet Prague Morning. With the city divided into numbered districts, Prague 1 is home to many tourist attractions and is known for its busy nightlife, which is starting to take a toll on locals.

As well its historic attractions, there is also a large concentration of nightclubs and bars, which is said to be causing high volumes of noise pollution. The problem has apparently gotten so bad, that one local has reportedly taken on an extreme measure to tackle the issue.

Old Town resident Štěpán Kuchta reportedly embarked on a 10-day hunger strike on April 24, claiming that it is impossible it is to sleep peacefully on his home Dlouhá Street. Speaking to Czech publication, he said that his "health is already ruined by chronic noise".

Prague Old Town Square. This image shows tourists in the old town square, taking in the atmosphere.
The Old Town square in Prague is popular with tourists -Credit:Getty Images

Kuchta told the publication: "To date, Prague 1 and the municipality have not done anything at all regarding noise, vibrations and light smog to improve the situation of the remaining residents in the city centre. Nothing at all, zero."

Regarding the costume ban, the local media outlet reports that resolution proposer Bronislava Sitár Baboráková - a Prague 1 councillor and chair of the committee against depopulation and for supporting community life - believes these types of costumes are inappropriate. She claims they “exceed generally acceptable social conventions”, while negatively impacting citizens.

However, other city officials claim the suggested ban might be overkill and won't actually do much good.

“We understand the frustration with pub crawls and drunken tourists,” Adam Zábranský, the councillor for property, transparency and legislation stated, “but imposing a ban on silly costumes seems excessive.”

Prague 1 is known to experience high volumes of tourists, thanks to its old town of landmark attractions like the medieval Astronomical Clock, the Gothic Church of Our Lady Before Týn, among other well-known sites.

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