Prank Ends in Arrest of Frat Bros Who Dumped Cow Carcass on Rival Lawn

The Daily Beast/Payne County Jail
The Daily Beast/Payne County Jail

Four members of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity in Oklahoma were arrested for a long-standing prank war between their house and another that turned grisly when they dumped the disemboweled body of a longhorn on their rival’s lawn last December. Bennett Fady, Luke Ackerley, Brody Shelby, and Andrew King were arrested on Wednesday for unlawful removal/disposal of a carcass, a misdemeanor. Police say Fady was initially discouraged from pulling off the prank when he discussed it with other fraternity members, but eventually went through with it with the others. They took pains to conceal the pickup truck they used to transport the carcass to the rival FarmHouse fraternity, where it was found tied to the porch with a large slash on its belly and the words ‘F--k FH’ branded into its hide. Authorities ruled that the cow had died of disease 36 hours earlier and was not killed for the prank. All four booked into the Payne County Jail and later released. They have pleaded not guilty, according to Fox 25.

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