#PrayForScarborough: Yorkshire hit by 3.9 tremor earthquake - but no one actually noticed

Britain was struck by its biggest earthquake in a decade when it struck the North Sea 93 miles off the Yorkshire coast – but Twitter wasn’t impressed.

The 3.9 magnitude quake struck east of Scarborough but residents in the northern town barely noticed.

And in true British fashion, many took to social media to mock the size of the quake, posting pictures of the “devastation”.

But that devastation was mainly bins falling over.

Local buildings fell! (They didn’t, really):

While clearly a mickey take, some residents genuinely just didn’t feel anything and slept right through the quake:

Others just thought the quake could be a good thing for the area:

Ultimately, despite being the biggest quake in Britain for 10 years, it was nothing more than a “funny noise” for locals: